The 4th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition @ SM Mall of Asia
Finland - Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.

The 4th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition @ SM Mall of Asia

Finland - Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.

The 4th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition @ SM Mall of Asia

Japan - Tamaya Kitahara

Jessica Sanchez with Colton Dixon @ the Smart Araneta Coliseum (02/14/2013)

1st photo: Jessica look-alike!! :))

She seemed to have a bad throat by the second half of her performance. :( But she was still amazing <3

02/09/2013: Art Fair Philippines 2013 : The Best in Philippine Contemporary Art 


If you haven’t already heard, there was an incident in SM Megamall around 7:30PM last night. Fortunately, nobody got hurt. There are so many rumors of what had happened that night - holdup, shootout, etc. The news now say it had been a robbery at the jewelry counter of the ground floor department store by a gang of 4-5 using a pipe wrench bought at Ace hardware.

It was around 7:30PM. My mom and I were shopping a floor above the incident (women’s clothing and accessories)near the escalators, when I heard people shouting. I thought there was someone famous downstairs. Shoppers and salesladies went closer to the glass railings to look at the commotion downstairs.


My mom and I looked at each other. That was the first time I ever saw her truly surprised and scared. We ran to the Prestige Lounge, which, conveniently, was on the same floor.

I thought there was going to be a shoot-out.

I thought I was going to die. 

We noticed we were the only ones frantic. Everyone was calm. I asked the Prestige Lounge staff what was happening because we heard two shots a floor below. Just moments after, people started rushing in too.

The lights went off and the door was locked.

Salesladies, shoppers, children. People started to look worried. People started calling, looking for their father, mother, sister, brother, partner.. Nobody knew what was happening

My mom was calling my brother, who was at an anime convention at the top floor, and my father, who was at the fourth floor, telling them to go to the car already.

The line was choppy. Too many people were calling at the same time.

We waited and waited. A new batch of people would come in. My brother got in. We waited a few more minutes. My father got in. We were all together.

Thank God.

Thank God my grandmother and other brother were at home.

Thank God.

We were there for around an hour when the the staff told us that the mall had been cleared already. Some had started walking out slowly. We relaxed for a bit just to catch our breath..

Then people started running in again. Shouting. 

This time more frantic. They were scampering towards the comfort rooms, hiding again. I saw ladies in tears, children crying. We lay low this time for fear that there might have been a gunman at the hallway. Still, we had no idea what was really happening.

At this point, I called my friend, thinking I was gonna die, to tell her and everyone that I loved them.

I was trembling. I had cold sweat. I wanted to puke.

We stayed until around 9 PM. The staff said once again the mall is clear and that we were free to go. We decided we couldn’t stay any longer trapped in the lounge. We walked out.

The department store was eerily empty.

Hundreds of people were outside the mall. We saw Pinky Webb and Mr. Mendiola at the entrance of the department store.

We walked to the car and left.

I was still shaken

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be frustrated that I got terrified, or happy that nothing really happened. I just never ever want to go through that again. I’m staying home forever!!!!!!! :((

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