Ghost Dream : A Collection by Beverly Moon


Earlier in the month, I was invited to do make-up for Bev's newest 5 piece collection. As you’ve probably read in an earlier post, I was ecstatic to see how the photos turn out.


The pegs had a flighty & mystical yet raw & earthy feel to them. It was really inspiring for me, as a make-up artist, to experiment for this shoot. Add to that the quirky & unconventional creations of the designer, Bev, and the larger-than-life personality & work ethic of photographer, Patrick. Everything about the shoot was thought-provoking & cultivated.


I did hair & makeup for Mafia and Angelique throughout the shoot.


Angelique is such a pretty, young girl. I don’t mean that out of inadequacy of adjectives to describe her. She is exactly that. Her reserved, ladylike character is made even more interesting by her charming, awkward innocence and light, soft features. 


There’s just something so entrancing about Mafia (aside from her magnetic performance hihi). Physically, she reminds me of Emmy Rossum. A more offbeat version. She’s nothing short of interesting - from her hair down to her toes. She just naturally radiates eccentricity. She’s the perfect muse for the collection, I must say. :)


Ishii did Hannah's make-up while I did her hair for this outfit. Hannah's a very sweet and energetic soul. Many easily misunderstand and equate her enthusiasm and zest for living as wildness. She just really loves living. They could actually learn a lot from her outlook. The acceptance of the transience of life and absence of self-restraint can be very empowering. 

She had also been invited to model for Joco’s show afterward. We went there together (via Patrick - THANK YOU SUPER) so I got to know everything about her on that day alone. Teehee.

(Some images are screen caps from the video. I wasn’t able to take bts shots.)

Photography: Patrick Segovia

Videography: Wijo Fernandez

Editing: Beverly Kho

HMUA: Nadine Cabe & Ishii Villaseca

Styling: Beverly Kho & Ishii Villaseca

Models: Mafia Escasinas, Hannah Fortich & Angelique Sy

I really enjoyed this one! I love how the muses absolutely fit the whole feel of the collection. Looking forward to more shoots with these creative personalities!!! <333

Feel free to drop me a message at if you need a hair/make-up artist/photographer/shoot assistant! :>

Sir and Madams for a day at TWG Tea, Greenbelt. Tihihi <3

Anonymous asked:
what are your favorite make-up blogs?

Hmm. I don’t follow a lot of beauty blogs. I think I follow around five only HAHA (strange, I know! most of the ones I follow are my friends and fashion/style or photography blogs) My favorite make-up blog is karlapowellmua <3 But if you wanna know more.. I’ve recently had so much time to YouTube and my favorites are Michelle Phan, Promise Phan, Emma Pickles and Pixiwoo :D 

Anonymous asked:
Hi Nadine! It is great to have stumbled upon your blog! highly creative and has a positive vibe to it.... congratulations! I have noticed that you were able to take some pictures of my Grand Allure Collection - including a candid shot of me.... would appreciate a high-res copy of the photos (if it's not much of a bother....) Thanks and here's wishing you all the best in the future! delby

Hi Ms. Delby! I would love to send you copies. <3 (but I do not know your e-mail hahaha i’ll try to send it over to your Facebook) Thank you for the sweet message!!! :) 

Visited Subspace Coffee House at Ortigas (walking distance from Robinsons Galleria) a few days ago to help Maureen M. with her project. Used my Canon G-12 for the shots :)

It’s an adorable, quaint kpop-inspired cafe filled with vintage collectibles, yummy artsy lattes and delectable pastries <3


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