Anonymous asked:
what are your favorite make-up blogs?

Hmm. I don’t follow a lot of beauty blogs. I think I follow around five only HAHA (strange, I know! most of the ones I follow are my friends and fashion/style or photography blogs) My favorite make-up blog is karlapowellmua <3 But if you wanna know more.. I’ve recently had so much time to YouTube and my favorites are Michelle Phan, Promise Phan, Emma Pickles and Pixiwoo :D 

Anonymous asked:
Hi Nadine! It is great to have stumbled upon your blog! highly creative and has a positive vibe to it.... congratulations! I have noticed that you were able to take some pictures of my Grand Allure Collection - including a candid shot of me.... would appreciate a high-res copy of the photos (if it's not much of a bother....) Thanks and here's wishing you all the best in the future! delby

Hi Ms. Delby! I would love to send you copies. <3 (but I do not know your e-mail hahaha i’ll try to send it over to your Facebook) Thank you for the sweet message!!! :) 

Visited Subspace Coffee House at Ortigas (walking distance from Robinsons Galleria) a few days ago to help Maureen M. with her project. Used my Canon G-12 for the shots :)

It’s an adorable, quaint kpop-inspired cafe filled with vintage collectibles, yummy artsy lattes and delectable pastries <3


Elevate, Escalate (December 1, 2012)

Last Saturday (12/01/2012), I was invited by Joco Comendador to do make-up for the event’s fashion show. He collaborated with four (or five I think?) designers for the event. PFW ang peg! :>


Prior to that show, I had also been invited to do make-up for a shoot. I’m totes excited to see the shots for that one! I’d love to do another shoot inspired by the theme… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s just stick with Joco’s event for this post hihi 


Joco released his new collection of neon green/purple/black shoes inspired by Poison Ivy and Photosynthesis. The overall hair and makeup peg took his shoes as inspiration with green lids, violet lips and sleek hair.


(Photo taken from Jason Patricio)

I wasn’t able to take photos as I got super busy the entire day. :( I stole the photos from Tricia De Ocampo <3 Tihihi


I did the makeup for Andie and Hannah for that night. Since my lip shade was darker than the other MUAs, I balanced out the face with tame green lids just for a hint of color and shimmer. I remembered a bit too late that Darren(leftmost), the stylist, had prepared masks that actually covered the lips. :)) ENEWEI. 

PLUGGING! Jason(rightmost) is my new-found favorite designer! I’m excited to see what he comes up with in the future. I absolutely looove his aesthetic. Check his pieces out in his blog.


I was actually assigned more on grooming (or I think the more accurate word is powdering) the male models for that night. They pretty much looked perfect without my noob powdering/contouring/man-hairstyling skillz so…idk 

They probably just sweat it off or something anyway. HAHA.


I also did Raiza's ponytail *slow clap* (because ponytails are definitely an achievement!!! lelz) She's actually my gradeschool and highschool batchmate (CSA foreverrr hahaha) :)

Pardon my manang-ness with my hair bun and oversized printed shirt. I tend to really let go with my outfit during shoots because I know how hectic it can get. If I could go to shoots in pajamas instead, that’s probably what I’d really do. :)) (unless we’re shooting in a mall in broad daylight..that’s a different story)


Sadly, I had to go before the girls walked. :( I didn’t get to see the show. I left just moments after the male models walked for Bletch’s designs.


Jason and Jandra! :) Remember Jandra? I’ve worked with him as a hairstylist twice already. He had an amazing collection also! :)

I’m sure Joco will release photos for public consumption soon, so just watch out for those!:)

Thank you for the invite to be a MUA (+ the free food and drinks hihihi). It was nice to have met more amazing talents!! <3

At the light show in Ayala Triangle :D

People photos by my dad :D

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