Anonymous asked:
Hi Nadine...whats the difference between a 14mp Dslr and a 14mp Point and Shoot?

Pwedeng makeup na lang? JOKE LELZ :))

Hmm. I only know the basic differences of a DSLR vs a point-and-shoot eh.

1) DSLRs have the switching-lens-capability or whatever the technical term is (…uhduh). They’re pretty flexible with what output you want. Certain lenses (those with large apertures) usually produce pretty pictures…and those artsy-artsy effects. Hihi :> 

2) DSLRs have bigger sensors than point-and-shoots. In short, DSLRs catch more light. This is why a low MP DSLR can produce same or better quality than a point-and-shoot camera of a higher MP. (The importance of high MPs only show during large prints since they have more pixels/detail. I think a 14MP is good for a poster-sized print.) +DSLRs also focus faster! Perfect for runway!! Haha

If you’re asking me which one is better, I’d have to ask you back on what you need the camera for and what your lifestyle is like. I think it’s obvious that I prefer a DSLR from the way I answered. HAHAHA. (Nikon D3100 ba? Maganda yan. Camera ko yan dati :> Hihi) A lot of point-and-shoots and bridges are pretty fantastic nowadays though. I actually have a Canon G-12 10MP and I also looove it. Kaduper nice quality! I bring it if I have too many stuff that I need a small camera lang. :)

Did my answer help?….I tried. :)))))

SM Accessories Reveals the Supreme Four (11/15/2012)

After the collection launch, the Supreme Four were revealed. Separate post to para mababad kayo sa mukha ni





The Supreme Four <3

Xian Lim, Anne Curtis, Richard Gutierrez and Georgina Wilson for SM Accessories: the fashion accessories authority. 

SM Accessories Launch (11/15/2012)

Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend the much awaited SM Accessories launch at Republiq thanks to my mom. <3

I was amused to see familiar faces *ehem some runway photographers ehem :>* but I wasn’t on photog-mode. Guess you could call it.. commoner mode? HAHA. I came from a shoot earlier that day so I didn’t want to bring too many things. I only had my kit lens :s 

SM Accessories: The Fashion Accessories Authority. 

Trend-setting Show. Big Revelations. One Fabulous Party.

They released their brand new line of accessories, the Urban Glam collection for men and women. I love the color collections - Wine Whimsy Red, Blue Royale, Emerald Empire & Black Samurai, including Shakespeare in Love and Hunter Street <3 Everything was so eye-catching and drool-worthy as is, until

they glowed in the dark!!!#@$%@$^%@!~~~!!!!! 

Okay I’m being OA, but seriously, that was uhmayzing. How many non-super plastic-y or tacky-looking glow-in-the-dark accessories have you seen? You’ll definitely be the center of attention with these fabulous pieces! These accessories are to die for!! <3

I’ll be creating a separate post for the reveal of the Supreme Four, so stay tuned ;)

All accessories are available in stores now! WATCHOOWAITINGFORRR :>

Test Shoot: Agnes Elia BTS

(This is a repost! I forgot to post my bts shots hihi)

Last month, I did make-up for Agnes Elia. She’s half Greek (I think) and she’s the sweetest ever! I also got to work with Ronan C. for the first time and Maureen M. again! I love how everyone was so laid back for this shoot. Nakakapagod lang talaga lakarin ang MOA. Haha.

Since we wanted a different chill vibe compared to her previous sexy shoots, we had casual styling and barely-there makeup. 

(Beauty shot by Ronan C. BTS shots by me.)

First Layout

Second Layout

Third Layout

Fourth Layout (No BTS :( )

Photography by Ronan Capili

Styling by Maureen Manuel

Make Up by Nadine Cabe

View the full set here.

Need a H/MUA/shoot assistant? Let me know! <3

Show & Tell (11/05/2012)

Remember Adrian G.?:) I got to work with him for a few shoots.

He held his first exhibit last night at Big Bad Wolf, Taguig!:) Congrats to hiiiim, the collaborating artists and organizers!

I cannot believe I got lost looking for this place. Sobrang dali lang puntahan. KALOKA. Dinamay ko pa si Mau sa lost-girl peg ko!

Dasha Fedyunina<3

The diyosa, Danica Magpantay <3

Sayang lang the artsy-artsy vibe kasi nakacorporate attire ako yesterday. Panira ako ng ambience. I had an interview kasi earlier that day. 

So you can match the faces to the names :) From left to right: Maureen Manuel, Adrian Gonzales & Nadine Cabe. Haba na ng hair ko, natatali ko :> :”> :))

I also got to meet Ms. Sassa Jimenez! Ay tapos hindi ako nagpapicture. Wazwrongwithme. Parang kailan lang nagfafangirl ako sa kagandahan ng SS2013 collection niya. Shuuuucks. Lost opportunity :( HAHAHA.

As usual, I left early. Forever may curfew. :( 

Well, thanks again for inviting me, Adrian G.! Forever your fan <3 Teeheehee :> It was nice to meet everyone that I met! See you all next time again!<3

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