Lasallian Star Scholars

What’s with today (November 30, 2012) I am so beyond happy I can’t even.

1. My dad replaced my D5100 with a D7000 this morning - an eeeehrrly Xmas gift!

2. My first ever published MUA gig is finally released today!! :)


3. Apparently, my face/outift was also published in the same newspaper today :))

image(Photo by Ronan Capili)


Moving on. This feature was shot a few months back with the Lasallian Scholars.. and their makeovers <3 They’re, like, 3 batches lower than me. I was so amused with how hyper they were! I got to work with Adrian G. <3, Maureen M. and Jandra B. again!!:) Avi C. also did makeup and Blanche G. assisted in styling and JR S. assisted in lighting. :D


Paul L., Aldrich, Frank, Paul A. & Julio :)image

Ritchelle, Beryl, Ana, CJ, Belle & Jia :)

Grab a copy of today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer! :) You can also view the write up by Roy Steven Eriga here. :>

Photography by Adrian Gonzales

Assisted by JR Sala

Styling by Maureen Manuel

Assisted by Blanche Guarino

Make Up by Nadine Cabe and Avi Castano

Hair by Jandra Babiera


Electric Eyes

I’ve never been a red/fuschia/insert-nicki-minaj-lip-color-here lips type of person. Don’t get me wrong. I love those lip colors for shoots because they’re absolutely stunning. I just felt like they either don’t match my personality or my skintone. Hihi.

Now, orange. Who would’ve thought?:)

As I was thinking of looks to match my current lip color obsession, I stumbled upon a radio station playing “Best of My Love” by Emotions.

THE 70S. 

Now I was torn between two popular looks of that time: donning the barefaced day look or the evening disco-glamorous look.

Then I remembered that I already had a barefaced photo, so I opted for the evening look instead! :)

Now I know it doesn’t look as amazing as other looks I’ve done. I was going for a liquid/creamy eyeshadow effect without using actual cream eyeshadow. The glossy lids aren’t as eye-catching in this photo though as it is in person. ;)

1. Using a sponge-tip, pat over a shimmery blue color over your lids. Follow the shape of your eye. Don’t let it wing/blend outward/reach your brows.

2. Using the same sponge-tip pat over a darker shade of blue at the outer corners and smudge under your eyes with an angled brush.

3. Using the same angled brush (or your pinky), apply a pale blue shimmer to the inner corners of our eyes.

4. Line your eyes with a liquid black eyeliner (You don’t have to add a wing. I did because it makes my eyes pretty :”>)

5. Apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Attach natural-looking falsies.

6. Using a clean eyeshadow brush, wipe clear gloss over the eyeshadow.

7. Using another clean eyeshadow brush, pat the blue pigment again on top of the gloss.

8. Wipe on another layer of clear gloss with the brush you used for the first layer of gloss. This time the pigment will be more solid!:)

Viola! Electric blue eyes + Orange lips :)

Orange is such a surprisingly wearable color! :) I honestly prefer it over peach. This is definitely a more interesting alternative for nude lippies!:)

Don’t know where to get orange lip color? Drop by Etude house <3 They have fabulous creamy tangerine shades. Ever Bilena also came out with a new shade, Hot Summer, for their matte lipstick line. If you have time on your hands, there are also cheap (Php50 only!) sheer ones in 168 (Divisoria)! :D

Bareface + Orange lips
I&#8217;m loving orange lip colors lately. I was pleasantly surprised with how they look in photographs! They actually look&#8230; like you ate a bowl spaghetti. But in a good way! HAHA
I&#8217;ll do a look with orange lips soon! :)

Bareface + Orange lips

I’m loving orange lip colors lately. I was pleasantly surprised with how they look in photographs! They actually look… like you ate a bowl spaghetti. But in a good way! HAHA

I’ll do a look with orange lips soon! :)

Anonymous asked:
Hi Nadine...whats the difference between a 14mp Dslr and a 14mp Point and Shoot?

Pwedeng makeup na lang? JOKE LELZ :))

Hmm. I only know the basic differences of a DSLR vs a point-and-shoot eh.

1) DSLRs have the switching-lens-capability or whatever the technical term is (…uhduh). They’re pretty flexible with what output you want. Certain lenses (those with large apertures) usually produce pretty pictures…and those artsy-artsy effects. Hihi :> 

2) DSLRs have bigger sensors than point-and-shoots. In short, DSLRs catch more light. This is why a low MP DSLR can produce same or better quality than a point-and-shoot camera of a higher MP. (The importance of high MPs only show during large prints since they have more pixels/detail. I think a 14MP is good for a poster-sized print.) +DSLRs also focus faster! Perfect for runway!! Haha

If you’re asking me which one is better, I’d have to ask you back on what you need the camera for and what your lifestyle is like. I think it’s obvious that I prefer a DSLR from the way I answered. HAHAHA. (Nikon D3100 ba? Maganda yan. Camera ko yan dati :> Hihi) A lot of point-and-shoots and bridges are pretty fantastic nowadays though. I actually have a Canon G-12 10MP and I also looove it. Kaduper nice quality! I bring it if I have too many stuff that I need a small camera lang. :)

Did my answer help?….I tried. :)))))

SM Accessories Reveals the Supreme Four (11/15/2012)

After the collection launch, the Supreme Four were revealed. Separate post to para mababad kayo sa mukha ni





The Supreme Four <3

Xian Lim, Anne Curtis, Richard Gutierrez and Georgina Wilson for SM Accessories: the fashion accessories authority. 

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