Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura 10/21/2012

My curiosity for the quirky new icon of Shu Uemura pushed me to attend the premiere launch of Karl Lagerfeld’s collection in Alabang Town Center last Sunday. I received a price list of the new collection and a limited edition Mon Shu girl pin upon arrival. I printed out the invitations just because I found them super pretty! Hihi :>

Mon Shu girls and dolls welcomed me into the store! *u* There was a red carpet with models, photographers, food, drinks and freebies the event.


And of course, I checked out the collection! (Pardon the overexposed photo :s)

The collection includes 2 dazzling eyeshadow palettes, a chic liner, 3 classic nail colors, 4 bold lip shades, 2 quirky pairs of eyelashes and more! Call Shu Uemura Rockwell at 945-7322 to make reservations. The official selling of the collection will be on November. :)

*Separate outfit post*

Pardon my absence from blogging. I’ve produced lots of stuff na actually, and I’m just trying to finish other things, so watch out na lang for those. :> ENEWAY. Busy-busihan na naman ako next week :( I’ll try to update my designs when I have time talaga, promise, cross my heart and hope not to die. 

Personal post muna. I JAZ GRADUATED LAST SATURDAY! Yayyyy!

Nadine Cabe: Bachelor of Science in Business Management: De La Salle University: Oct 13 2012

Wellz, outfitey ko is from Forever 21. Mej StarWars kasi yung vibe niya nung nakita ko. Kita niyo rin ba yung vibe? Hindi? K. Tapos my shoes are vintage. Kay mami dearest. Photos courtesy of my hardcore father. Meron din palang shots kuya ko.

Congratss to batch 2012! I will miss school talagerrs :’( No party muna. Hihintayin ko yung lemon lovers ko for Feb 2013 ;)

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Schedule

*Late post haha* Sched’s out! I was amused to see that it extended to the 29th!

Ermergeeerrrrddd Lesley Mobo at the MOA Arena!!! The excitement’s killing meeeeee D’8 omgomgomgomg i am actually hyperventilating @__________@

Source: philippinefashionweeklive

Simple Everyday Affordable Makeup

Haven’t done a trial in.. months! Tuhday, I shall show you how to do makeup on a regular day with the most affordable products evaaarrrr! :) 

These are my favorite affordable cosmetics that I use on myself and on my clients:

1. San-San Liquid Base Make-Up in Beige (Roughly Php100 in HBC)

2. San-San Age Defense Concealer in 02 (Roughly Php120 in HBC)

3. Angelique Eyebrow Pencil in Black (Roughly Php15 in HBC)

4. Some random mascara I found (Php88 in Saizen, Market!Market!)

5. G-Lish Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Crush (Roughly Php100 in Megamall, and I think this was phased-out na HAHAHA)

6. Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake with Papaya Extract in 03 (Roughly Php195)

Total: Roughly Php618!

Kuripot mode? Not bad, not bad.

Here is me without any product:

Although I have other blemishes, the only ones I shall conceal are the ones on my nose and chin as these are the most visible. 

Step 1: I apply liquid foundation (1) just to even out my skin tone, then I apply concealer (2) onto the two spots I mentioned.

Since this is for everyday, you don’t really have to conceal all your blemishes. What you really need to do is just even out the redness etc. Don’t pile on the concealer either because the blemishes will stick out more. IMO, if camera doesn’t see it, you don’t have to conceal it. HAHAHA. Don’t worry about blemishes, they fade in time! 

  • The reason I use San-San is because the liquid foundation doesn’t dry up flaky or patchy and the products mentioned have yellow undertones that even out redness! :)

Step 2: Fill in your brows and line your eyes with the eyebrow pencil (3). Using a regular eyeshadow brush or cotton bud, smudge the line across the lid and under the eye to define it. The line can be seen on the left, while the smudged effect can be seen on the right.

  • I absolutely love Angelique! It’s so pigmented, but it isn’t blotchy, so its really easy to blend. Downer is that I only see it in HBC, and usually, I have to look for it myself because the some salesladies don’t even know they have it. :))

Step 3: Apply mascara (4).

  • Well, for the price (Php88), the mascara I found isn’t bad! If you’re looking for cheap mascara that lengthens, this is it. It isn’t waterproof though, and I can’t assure mascara-sensitive people with the brand or ingredients because it’s in Japanese. :))

Step 5: Apply the lip & cheek tint onto..well, your lips and cheeks. ;) :))

The great thing about using a liquid base is that these kinds of tints can be easily blended!:)

  • I love this product ah. Thank you, Abbie G. <3 I have this in 3 colors: nude, pink and red. Since they’re creamy/glossy, they’re easy to blend, and are less likely to end up concentrated. Downer is that they could become a bit streaky if you have really oily skin. 

Step 6 (optional): If you have oily skin, like me, brush over a layer of powder foundation (6) to keep the tint in place! :)

  • For affordable, yellowish-undertone foundation, I use Fashion21. They’re actually pretty nifty for oily skin. I also like San-San, but their shades are pretty light. 

AAAAAAAAAND there you have it! Compare:


Remember that make-up can only cover so much, so don’t pile it on + The people who matter won’t be too critical on your looks, so don’t be too hard on yourself, okay?

I hope that helped you out <3 Til next time! MMMWAAAHHH :* <3

Finally finished it! :) I was conflicted with the dress color. I thought of using greens initially..then terracotta or rust&#8230;then blues. Haha!

Finally finished it! :) I was conflicted with the dress color. I thought of using greens initially..then terracotta or rust…then blues. Haha!

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