T-T-T-Tumblr Fair

Prep yourselves and start saving some moolah for the first ever Tumblr fair this August 4, 2012!

Don’t know where that is? Don’t fret! Google maps has got it covered ~

Get to meet your favorite Tumblr bloggers and see what they have in store for you :) 

Lots of goodies await thee, so make sure to drop by! <3<3<3

I might drop by as a photographer for ChicLeague, so dress your best! ;)


Heartbreak Kid - BTS

Last month (06132012), I was able to assist in a shoot featured on Megastyle.ph thanks to photographer, Adrian Gonzales! <3

I just realized now that it says “Nadine Nadine Cabe”. LOL more of me. :))

Remember this? Now I’m allowed to finally show you some behind-the-scene shots I took! <3


Got to meet makeup artist, Bryan Yokota. He’s really fast at doing impeccable makeup!

I also got to meet his fierce assistant, Gerald Castillo. Hihihi!

Got to meet production designer and master of textile (haha), Alvin Fransisco, and incredible stylist, Jeff Galang. :D:D

Jeff pulled out menswear from designers and killer heels from Joco Comendador!

I also got to meet Adam Seth Teh, an amazing hairstylist who made Ica’s hair short for a day. AH.MAY.ZEENG.

First Layout

Second Layout

Third Layout

Fourth Layout

Fifth Layout

Sixth Layout

Seventh Layout

From angst to wrath, grunge meets glamour in this fashion editorial depicting the emotions of a heartbreak.

Photography: Adrian Gonzales
Stylist: Jeff Galang
Hair: Adam Seth Teh
Make Up: Bryan Yokota and Gerald Castillo
Production Design: Alvin Francisco
Shoot Assistants: Nadine Cabe and Karen Raagas
Model: Danica Magpantay



July 6, 2012

Did hair and makeup on Ia Golfo again for Dianne’s project! :)

Remember them from last time? :)

We had two layouts again, but the makeup was super duper simple compared to last time. 

I didn’t bring my trusty SLR because I had my laptop that time. I was using a Canon G-11 bridge. It functions like an SLR, but it’s as small as a compact camera! I just felt like the variants of white balance needed improvement, but it was cool to use all-in-all :D

Had to run off for my thesis mtg thus the haggard fezz :s No makeup mode :s

Til next time again <3

Message me if you need an H/MUA/all-around assistant! Hahaha!

Came from another one today (06.27.2012) &lt;3 BTS photos soon! (When I&#8217;m allowed to haha)

Came from another one today (06.27.2012) <3 BTS photos soon! (When I’m allowed to haha)

June 23, 2012

Did hair and makeup for a small shoot a while ago. <3

Dianne is my friend’s friend’s girlfriend. (Confusing? HAHA) She needed an HMUA for her conceptual photography project. She is such an adorbs person! See for yourself. She’s the one on the chair. Hahaha!

I did two layouts for make-up and hair. First one was clean & classic with winged liner and red lips. The second layout had more dramatic and glamorous eyes paired with glossy nude lips.

We originally wanted big, voluminous hair a la Serena Van Der Woodsen/ J Lo, but I didn’t bring hairspray, so Ia’s hair flattened out easily :(

With my two pretty models HEHEHEHE :)) Pots Duran and Ia Golfo! :) + Rupert and JB :| :))

I just love vintage-themed photoshoots. Perfect time to use heavy falsies! <33

Message me if you need a makeup artist/all-around assistant for your photoshoots and what-not! Hihi 

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