HAAAAAAAAA. Today was tiring! BTS shots soon ;)

trueblood asked:
Hi! I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now. Especially your makeup section! I really like your work and you're so pretty too! A friend of mine who studies in DLSU too recommended your blog to me because i'm an aspiring MUA and here we are. Huhu teach me :( Can i ask where you learned or did you just started experimenting with makeup? :D

OHMYGOD shetttt thank you! Thank you also to your friend for recommending me <33 (I get kilig easily. Don’t mind me.) Sino yung friend mo? Friends na tayo. HAHAHA

Hi Ava! It’s good that you know what you want already, and I support your MUA dreams!<3 I just experiment, really!:) I don’t have any formal training. (Read About)

  • There are lots of reading materials available nowadays, so take advantage of that. Read magazines, books, articles, tutorials, watch Youtube etc. There’s so much opportunities to learn nowadays. :)
  • If you’re worried about your strokes/blending skillz and what-not, don’t worry. We all start out a bit rough. Even I do really bad makeup booboos sometimes. :s Just practice and you’ll get a hang of it! Practice on a friend, a sister, a cousin..a brother. Hahaha! 
  • Flood yourself with inspiration! I suggest, if you haven’t done it yet, to keep an inspiration box/folder/file full of your favorite looks. You can start off imitating these looks, if you’re not yet confident on creating new ones. Then, when you’re experiencing a bit of an artist’s block, you can look back on these looks for ideas later on:)
  • Do what you want. Use what is comfortable for you first. Get confident with what you have at the moment. You need to build up on your “signature” style or whatever you call it. When you know what you’re good at na, challenge yourself now to do looks you never thought you could do. You’ll surprise yourself ;)
  • Keep images of looks you’ve done so you can also see where you can improve on. I’ve done lots of embarrassing ones in the past,  but I keep them so I can confirm that I’ve actually learned :))
  • AND you can’t be an MUA without clients, so be proactive in marketing yourself! Volunteer to do makeup for friends, for events etc, organize mini shoots with others yourself, or just photograph/video yourself and post your work. Hehehe.

Haba ng answer ko, so I hope nakatulong ako :)) Don’t forget me when you become a famous MUA na! HEHEHE


Some old sketches.

Thank you for this sketchbook Tiuman! :) <3

We went to Ligpo Island again this long weekend, as requested by my father. Apparently, he wants my kuyas and I to all be licensed divers. How exciting.

Note the sarcasm please.

As much as I love being underwater than on shore, I’m not exactly looking forward to blowing off his money for a license I’m not even sure I’d use in the future. I’d rather he spend it on me for fashion school. Lord, You alone know what is in my heart! Haha! 

I didn’t bring my camera this time around because I assumed I wouldn’t need it, so I ended up sketching.

I never really tried drawing feet or hands in detail, so I took this time to practice.

It just so happened that this weekend brought out a bout of insecurity in me. Although I am proud of the way I am, I do wish I were a bit more normal.

Like everybody else. 


A normal person could wear shorts/minis/sleeveless tops/bare some skin in public.

Why couldn’t God create me normal too? 

Astrology explains that a Pisces, aside from being emotionally sensitive, also usually have physical sensitivity, which may be in forms of low tolerance for alcoholic beverages/drugs/certain food/certain environmental conditions etc.

Yes, I do like reading explanations by the stars. They can be quite accurate sometimes.

I have learned to accept and live with my condition, which is why I rarely seem affected when asked about it. You may not understand my sentiments over such a petty concern. It seems pretty childish and vain of me to be particularly distraught by my physical defect at the moment. I assure you, however, it isn’t as shallow as you might think. 

This may sound cliche, but, really, just be thankful for who you are and what you have right now. That’s all.

Happy long weekend everyone <3 (if you do have one!) 

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