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Before you came into my life I missed you so bad <3

omg ano to :))))))))))))) joke time? SINO KA :)) karaoke time? =))

DOPE MNL x Rue Bourbon

As you probably know by now, I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera when it comes to full body shots, so I drew my outfit instead again. (Pardon the dolphin hands) Haha!

Made myself a necklace just before meeting everyone at BGC since my outfit was super plain. It’s just wire + safety pins + beads!:) Thinking of making and selling more necklaces because of Ysh & Bernice :>

Ysh & Bernice :)Andrei and I :) +how my necklace looks like when worn

We forgot to take a photo at DOPE MNL, thus the fail attempt(s) of a group shot in Andrei’s car. :))

I SAW BORGY OMG <3333333333 + Tin Lau, Bev Kho, Teena Arches, Patrick Segovia, Dana Ignacio, Ecks Abitona :)

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You are an amazing person. *u* Talents, looks, and I think you're really really nice.

Waaaaaaaa Thank you XD Kiligerzz meeeeee :”> Hahahaha! Dapat hindi ka nag-anon! :(

I know it’s late, but I can’t believe I juggled 3 internships just this summer @_@ For OJT, Ever New & Runway2Reality *u*

Since I am such an awkward model, I chose to draw my internship outfits instead. Haha! Don’t zoom in plz. It looks bad =))

I just inked the sketches and scanned them, then filled in the colors with Photoshop. I didn’t include one outfit because the pattern was difficult to draw. Hehe.

*cough* I’ve been playing with that ID kaya it looks.. used a lot. HAHA *cough*

HAY. Thank you, Lord <3333 

Summer 2012, you were amazing <3

Russel Villafuerte for Design Fusion, Vision&Trends, RTW

May 27, 2012 - Sunday

View the PFW Holiday 2012 collections at :)

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