November 2, 2011

October 25, 2011 - Premiere Collection

What I wore on Day 3 (2nd drawing)

*My pants are actually black haha*

I felt so disappointed with the quality of my photos from day 2, so I changed my lens to an 18-200mm. I also brought a monopod so that I wouldn’t easily get tired of carrying my camera while shooting. (which explains why I looked like a samurai bwahahahaha)

I also felt lazy to dress-up since it actually wouldn’t matter, so I dressed down and wore flats. Harhar. XD

I was looking forward to this show because of Veejay Floresca. I found out about him from the Grand Allure collection 2 years ago. I’ve been stalking his style ever since. *u*

After watching Michael Cinco, this show seemed pretty chill. It had the standard setup and the standard lighting that I seemed to see in most fashion shows. I get why it’s the usual setup though. The lighting is super flattering and even all throughout, so it’s easy to take photos, no matter what part of the runway. The layout allows you to see other details of the pieces because there’s not too much distracting you from the model.

Anyway, on to the show!

First up is Derick Hibaler.

Absolutely love his menswear! <3 I even want to buy some for myself hihi.

Next is Melchor Guinto.

Next is Russell Villafuerte.

I love those shoes! <3333

Next is Ulysses King.

I love that he had such interesting accessories like those bags! Wantt.

Last is Veejay Floresca! <3

I love these. So. Much. They’re absolutely adorable paired with the toughness and geometry in his pieces. <3


Gaaaaaaaaahhhhh <3 Now you know why I love his style! :)

So, it’s the end of day 3. I took a break during day 4. Watch out for my day 5 experience! :Db

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